SWE 3Channel Transmitter for rent

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Without a transmitter, the headphones cannot function.

One transmitter can wirelessly connect up to 500 headphones.

1 transmitter = 1 music genre

2 transmitters = 2 music genres

3 transmitters = 3 music genres


One  transmitter can power up to 500 headsets 

Silent disco transmitters are key devices used to transmit music and instructions from the instructor to the wireless headphones worn by participants in a silent disco event. These transmitters have several important functions:

Audio Transmission: Transmitters send the audio signal, including music and the instructor’s voice, to specific radio frequencies that are picked up by participants’ wireless headphones.

Channel Selection: In silent disco events that offer multiple audio channels (such as different music playlists), transmitters allow participants to switch between these channels. This enables participants to choose the music they want to listen to.

Microphone: Transmitters often include a microphone that the instructor uses to provide instructions and guide participants during the activity. The instructor’s voice is transmitted to participants’ headphones through the transmitter.

Frequency Stability: Transmitters are equipped with frequency control systems to ensure stable and interference-free transmission. This is essential to maintain optimal audio quality during the event.

Portability: Transmitters are typically portable devices powered by batteries, allowing them to be used in a variety of locations, both indoors and outdoors.

In summary, silent disco transmitters are essential components that enable events of this type to run smoothly by transmitting music and audio to participants’ wireless headphones, providing a unique and personalized entertainment experience.


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