Complete party package rental

From: 179,00  IVA incl.

To book choose date from calendar below 

Jazzup your private party with silent disco full package

• 15 headphones•  1 transmitter (for 1 channel)• 1 pack of fluorescent paint • 2 disco lights

• 2 UV lights  • 1 smoke machine

Refundable deposit : 70€ “required”

Quantity from 31 headsets above  Request for quote


What else do I need?

All you need is your own music. The headphones are controlled wirelessly through the transmitter. Next, connect the transmitter to a media player. For instance, to a phone with Spotify, a DJ mixer, or a laptop. We provide 4 different cables to connect your media player to the transmitter: XLR female, Stereo Jack, Minijack, and audio cable.

• From 12 headphones

• 1 transmitter (for 1 channel)

• 1 pack of fluorescent paint

• 2 disco lights

• 2 UV lights

• 1 smoke machine

• From 12 headphones



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