San Juan Festival Event

Megs Silent disco Beach event

The greatest luxury is being free and being free to choose your vibe!

Special night of san juan festival (summer solstice) Barcelona will not be the same as you,ve experienced before. Silent World Events chose this day for you to experience a futuristic type of event where everything will be happening at the same time from visual arts display to various Artists performing at the same time and hungry for your attention.

What you will enjoy attending this unique night of san Juan 2023

– Welcome drink

– Gastronomy

– 3-channel LED headphones

– 3 Musical genres

– Musician, guitarist pianist, modern violinists, and DJs , activity shows

– Live Music / Silent Music

– Visual art display

– All in one event in pure nature (Beach)

Dress code :

Casual beach, all white (optional )

Age :

All ages and families are welcome to this special night.

LineUp :

@maigualmusic, @bartanbeat , @noemiviolinbarcelona, @_liana_piano , @manosdefuego_ , @andrealove_ @simonboulin @benditoestilorosa , @okey_svndra , @marchello_dj @_dombrik_

Silent World Events

is a Silent Disco Event organizer and hire company. We manage large-scale silent disco events and infuse them with something unique and creative. We design an exclusive silent disco event that suits our audience. Where people put on our magical headphones and feel their inhibitions evaporate as we lead you on a fun-filled silent disco experience with our chosen diverse artists from all backgrounds.

Our mission is to bring next-level perfection to our Futuristic event. Making our events different and unique from any other is our top priority. We bring entertainment and promote a healthy environment in the music industry. We also want to make your imaginations real by bringing you into the metaverse.

Our vision at Silent World Events is that people can experience a whole new disco environment, become one of the leading players of silent disco event hosting company, and make our name recognized in entire Europe.

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